Dhilluku Dhuddu
Dhilluku Dhuddu Rating

Dhilluku Dhuddu Movie Rating – 3.25 / 5


Movie Name : Dhilluku Dhuddu

Director : Rambala

Cast :Santhanam, Shanaya

Music : S. Thaman

Dhilluku Dhuddu one another release with Sandhanam as the hero. he is not the

protagonist , he is the hero. He's got steps to dance, he's got the macho look with

moustache and amazing beard. he's got punches to deliver both to villains and

audience. but the real question is do we get what we are promised in a

Sandhanam movie. For the first half , not so much, we get a couple of gags here

and there, scattered.

We get a lot of abusive punchlines, which Sandhanam is famous for. At the

very start of the movie we are told that this is a ghost movie based in a haunted

bungalow in a haunted village. This film takes the usual route of warming the

story up between hero and heroine in the city and then taking a sudden detour to

the village where the rest of the story lies.

Motta Rajendran steals the show as an assassin. there is a stretch 15 – 20

minutes where you go laughing through out without pause, and this stretch

saves the entire movie from collapsing. May be this is what the entire movie

was conspired for.

Did I mention that this is ghost movie, yes it is . we get scary scenes rarely . and

a summing up stretch for the climax. If you love santhanam's abusive counters ,

this is a go to movie for you.

Songs and BGM stays colourful just like the visuals, but not so catchy.

Dhilluku Dhuddu Movie Rating – 3.25 / 5

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