About us

Gethu Cinema knows everything from alpha to omega of cinema. Galleries with Stunning photo shoots to latest news about movies – Gethu Cinema is all you have to look out for to know what’s hot in Cinema.

Vignesh Raghav – Senior Content Editor
Introvert to everyone, motormouth to close friends. Watches all the movies but finds it difficult to name one favourite film. Be a movie buff if you wanna be in one of his speed dials.

Ram Krish S – Editor in chief
Avid blogger and celebrities favourite reporter. Superhero when it comes to finding an perfect angle for selfie, yes a selfie freak.

Parthii – Executive Editor
One word to describe parthi would be “neat freak”. Be a person who keeps things in order, maintain silence in his vicinity, he might even ask you out.

Anbu – Social Media Manager
Hangs out in facebook, and tweets in whatsapp, and he also maintains a diary at googleplus.