Its time for the Kabali makers to stop worrying about the Kabali’s run and bask in its victory, until their next project. For the victory of Kabali has set new benchmarks for any Indian film. When considering the  world wide box office collections for the last 3 days run of  all the movies released this weekend , Kabali falls at 6 th place, the first for any kind of Indian movie to do so. the list from the reliable sources are as follows.

1.StarTrek – $89.6M

2. Tarzan – $51.1M

3. IceAge – $51M

4. Skiptrace – $44M

5. The Secret Life of Pets – $39.3M

6. Kabali – $32M

“Deadline Hollywood” an online magazine which reports on the box office collection for United States mentioned Kabali as it has come in the top ten at the US BO. the magazine mentions and we quote

” We should be used to Indian titles coming out of nowhere by now to step into the Top Ten, and such was the case this weekend with the Indian-Tamil language gangster film Kabali. After a solid $2.7K Friday night performance in only 250 runs, it’s looking at a phenomenal $20K or more per screen average this weekend and a No. 8 spot.”



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