Joker – Movie with wit and humour . Gives a lot to think of.


Joker movie is based on a common man who questions the political system . An older man and a young lady supports him. He says he is president and goes around the village questioning officials. He is named Joker hence by the people.

Entire first half is woven around this joker and his perspective of seeing the political system. And the reason behind the same is revealed in the second half.

The performances are exceptional. Guru Somasundaram of Jigarthanda and Aaranya Kaandam fame has just nailed it. Ramya Pandian and Gayathri play the lead female characters and they do a commendable performance too.

Sean Roldan’s music is soothing . Dialogues are that exceptional that makes you think despite having its bite at the dash of humour.

Once in a while we get movies that are of the genre where a common man questions the system, but Joker stands out in the crowd.

Brilliantly written political satire movie to look out for.