Aandavan Kattalai

aandavan kattalai

Aandavan Kattalai is one another subtle take on a movie that manages to deliver a message for the society from the director Manikandan. The film is filled with light hearted moments and engaging through out. Movie about a youngster who thinks that the only way to get rid of the financial problems is by escaping to a foreign country as a tourist and then managing to find a job there.

There can’t be any other movie subtler than this which has a take on message to the society. The movie doesn’t fail to entertain you not even for a small moment, there are silences where they are ought to be and is no song that disturbs the flow of the story.

The cast is spectacular with immaculate performances. Contrary to the number of characters that the movie piles up with, every single character makes an impact by the end of the movie.

When you try to look at the story by the end of the movie, it is both simple and complex. Complex in terms of the nuances that Manikandan has tried to impart, but simpler in terms of how he has put forth the same. Every single line delivered has something to meddle our minds with. Manikandan uses his trademark style of twist towards the end that is so Sujatha-isquely beautiful.

Although the twist towards the end with a marriage proposal might seem cinematic, Manikandan has justified it already in the movie. You would get to know it if  you watch out for those nuances in the story line.

Yogi Babu delivers a performance that is so spectacular in every way . A line of humour towards the end when his character bids adieu, that would surely be a ROFL moment for many.

Each and every single character is sketched out beautifully, that their depth is so convincing that you would not question their deeds at any point in the story.

If characcters has that much depth, Manikandan hasn’t lost any concentration in drafting out a screenplay with them.

The movie is so convincing and so enjoyable with its way of depicting how the human mind responds to certain situations is so out of the box that it could even be called another Kaaka Muttai from the director.