Iru Mugan


Irumugan is directed by Anand Shankar, and has got a stellar starcast. Vikram plays a dual role in the movie, both the protagonist and the antagonist. Protagonist Vikram is Akilan, who is a RAW agent. Nayanthara plays Vikrams love interest and a RAW agent herself. Nithya Menen of OK Kanmani fame plays an important role too.

The movie starts with an action scene to demonstrate how a drug works, which forms the crux of the story. The drug when inhaled gives you insanely super hero powers for 5 minutes. This demo happens as an attack at Indian embassy. Hero Vikram aka Akilan, ex RAW agent and a widower is sought after to find what the real issue is. It is soon revealed that the Villain ‘Love’ is planning something very big which could disrupt peace among the nations. Akilan is the only one who has encountered ‘love’ personally in one of his previous missions and is the only person to save the nation from Turmoil.

This part of storytelling which comes in the first half of the movie is pretty racy. Once Akilan encounters ‘Love’ for the second time things start losing its pace. We get a couple of twists which are quite obvious.

Vikram has donned the ‘love’ role as well and has done it so much ease, that after watching all his performances in “Ai” and “Pithamagan”, it looks like ‘love’ role is just like a cake walk for him. The scenes which depicts the character of love where he kills people brutally doesn’t make us feel any hatred towards the character instead makes us go awe at Vikrams mannerisms.

Nayanthara’s looks so beautiful that we can’t move our eyes away from her when she is in the frame.

Vikram just sets the screen on fire with his mannerisms both as Akilan and Love.

But for big scale movie with such a stellar cast, the movie largely depends on the actors and their screen presence for detailing the story. The story itself has got ups and downs, but that doesn’t fall into the pace with which the movie is running. Songs by Harris Jeyaraj act as speed breakers for the movie.

The final confrontation between Love and Akilan which is supposed to give us chill down the spine just gives us a “one another fight scene” feel. Vikram might steal the show by the end but the scenes just gives us an artificial feel. We end up admiring Vikram rather than involving ourselves in the movie.

The movie which could have been an edge of the seat action thriller ends up as one another action movie set in foreign lands. Vikram and Nayanthara are the only saviors considering the length of the movie. Nithya Menen fits her role and does her job flawlessly.

Thambi Ramaiah and Karunakaran does their job and fits their role perfectly.