M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

dhoni M.S

Who wouldn’t want to know about how a boy from a small town entered the game of cricket and rose to the epitome of his career only by his determination and talent? The movie M.S.Dhoni the Untold Story talks about this boy and his talents. His grit and determination to rise to the peaks despite the hurdles and breakdowns that he has come across.


We know Dhoni, we know his cricket, we know his style and what we don’t know is his life when he is off camera and his life before he came on to spotlight. If showcasing these parts is the aim of making this film then the film has only won half the game. But however the movie does not fail to impress though, you have moments out of the stars life that you can cherish for days to come. The movie’s got lots of secrets, lots of cricket, and lots of goosebumps that the fans can live upto.


The childhood of the star which forms the important portion of the movie is where the important portion of the movie lies, we love the kid which plays the keeper in the school team. We love when he transforms into a star cricketer of the locality. There are many star moments even in the school portions when he switches between his exams and ground. But the magic lies in the star and in the name he carries and not in the making of the movie.


Dissapointments, failures, hurdles are inevitable in the life of a sportsperson. Portraying these moments in the silver screen is what forms the victory of a movie. But there are no hard moments really, even when the struggler goes to a new low every time, the director decides to leave us dry eyed and instantly gives us moments that would balance the fall of the hero.


The love scenes in the movie are a big plus since that really shows the other side of the celebrity. How Dhoni evades the crowd, his love for the bikes and his friends are a treat to watch for. However we get less of the controversies, and less of what’s going on inside the dressing room or the board meeting.


Sushant Singh Rajput is a treat, starting from his way of speaking to mannerisms we see Dhoni in and out. The actor who played Yuvi needs a special mention. Watch out in theatres to find the reason.


Throughout the second innings sorry, throughout the second half of the movie we get the love bits and cricket alternate to each other. But the whole of money we paid for the movie pays us back in one single final shot that rose us to the position of champions in 2011 WorldCup. The moments that lead us to this victory is not shown that could deceive you of the nail biting moments.


The graphics used in the childhood portions makes the audience murmur, however the same team has done an exceptional job in the second half of the movie.


The characterization of the protagonist needs a special mention though. Dhoni walking against the crowd, and treating his friends when he is not selected in the Tournaments gives us a hint on his character which is getting ready to take tougher decisions towards the end.


The actors who have performed as the childhood friends of Dhoni have done a great job. Teary eyed moments of loved ones back home when their star is playing on screen is a delight to watch. When the Physical Education master played brilliantly by Rajesh Sharma wells up with tears that’s where the heart of the movie lies.


The first love steals our heart and is there to make a mark. Both the actresses have done a commendable job and music goes along with the movie. Songs act as speed breakers rather than boosting the pace of the movie.


The movie scores brilliantly at the school portions, love bits and world cup portions but however the movie fails to build up the moments that would have turned the movie an epic one. Instead the movie fails to balance itself between an epic biopic and a star vending machine.

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