Priyadarshan director is well known in Tamil Nadu for his Magnum Opus Kanchivaram which fetched two national awards.  Although Kanchivaram did not have its share of success at the box office, the movie was much appreciated and was the most talked about inside the tinsel town.

Priyadarshan came up with one another similar script close to his heart and decided to make a movie out of it. Touted to be a movie which gives awareness about AIDS thus started the making of “Sila Samayangalil”. Prakash Raj is the lead actor in the movie, apart from Prakash Raj, the film has Ashok Selvan and Sriya Reddy in the important roles.

The movie “Sila Samayangalil ” was funded by Prabhudeva Studios and Think Big Studios. Infact this was the first production venture of the Prabhudeva Studios.

While everyone in the tinsel town were expecting one another National Award from the Promising Combo, the movie makers have surprised everyone with the announcement that the movie have been short listed for screening at Golden Globe nominations.

Sila Samayangalil is the only Indian movie to be shortlisted for the 74th Golden Globe Awards apart from nine other movies which have made the cut from hundreds of nominations around the globe.


The movie was shot in 23 days, with Sameer Thahir handling the camera and Beena Paul handling the editing table. The movie is about five different characters who meet up at a pathological lab to have their blood tested. The movie is the happenings of the events in the lab within a day. It starts by 9 AM and the movie endsby 5 PM.

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Speaking of the movie, Priyadarshan shared that “Sila Samayangalil is a movie made out of heart and passion. It has great acting and is based on a wonderful subject. Films happen for any film maker in 2 ways, one is film made from brain. And the other way of making film is doing the film from our heart, making it out for ourselves.”

The lead actor Prakash raj while sharing his experience on acting in this wonderful movie, he said, “We need not talk about acting. Acting is just colors in a painting, while Priyadarshan himself is the painting. Sila Samayangalil is a movie that is so glued to nativity, had made the heads turn in a global stage.”

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Interestingly Prakash Raj and Sriya Reddy had been part of both Kanchivaram and Sila Samayangalil. While sharing her experiences of working with Priyadarshan Sriya Reddy said “ Priyadarshan is the most amazing human being come across. Knowing him has been a boon. Both the films I did with him came at crucial stages of my life. Kanchivaram has been a landmark film for me and now Sila Samayangalil.”

When Priyadarshan was questioned about what the laurates from Golden globe had to say on shortlisting the movie, he said “They asked if the characters in the movie are really patients?”

According to the invitation that Prakash Raj shared on his Twitter page, the movie will be screened on October 7 at the Real D Screening Room at Beverly Hills in California in one of the most glamorous events of Film Industry.

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