Thodari Movie Review, Rating, Story and Verdict

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Thodari is a road movie in another form, with the only difference being here is instead of roads we have the tracks here and we have a train that runs from Delhi to Chennai, and so the number of characters in spotlight are considerably high.


We have Dhanush playing the lead role of a Pantry man, and Keerthy Suresh plays a touch up girl for an actress who happens to travel by that train. Keerthy Suresh aspires to be a singer and Dhanush uses that wish as an opportunity to get close to her.


The romantic track between Dhanush and Keerthy is nothing new that we have not seen before. What’s different in Thodari is the other characters that happen to travel in the same train. Half of these characters are built around Keerthi and Dhanush and are there only to make the audience roar with their impeccable comedy lines.


Only a few characters fall under the exception category like Harish Uthaman’s role of a bodyguard for the minister or the role of Ganesh Venkatraman as the head of the Rescue team. But even these characters which are designed to be carrying the story on a serious note ends up making the audience split in laughter towards the end thanks to the hurricane of humour that the screenplay bears.


Thodari had all the elements to fall in the lines of Kalakalappu or Pancha Thandhiram but the director has decided against it, he wanted to showcase the romance between the lead couple that barely exists. He wanted to tick the box for his conventional Prabhu Solomon elements that has worked out in the past like the undying romance between the lead couple until the very end and also the romantic number coupled with the dance on a stage although the stage that they are on might literally be on fire.


The director’s efforts of imparting his formulaic elements that has worked in the past turns out to be futile since the characters who are engaged to carry the story line has that strong a comic sense, that you wish you had seen more of logic and humour than seriousness and romance in the entire length of the movie when the movie ends.


We have a scene towards the end where Keerthy Suresh asks Dhanush for an option to stop the train, for which Dhanush replies, “Turn me into Superman or Spiderman and I will stop the train” and the first thought that I came across was “Was he not Spiderman all along, clinging to the sides of the train and dancing on a roof that is literally on fire?”


If you are strong enough to ignore the clichés and logic in the movie then Thodari will be a perfect entertainer that will have you in splits holding your guts.


Karunakaran and Thambi Ramaiah have done an impeccable job and are mainly responsible for the laugh riot that you were to encounter. Dhanush and Keerthy Suresh have done justice to their roles too and having their own share at kindling gasoline to the story that is already burning with the humour lit by the story line.

With a platform set for an edge of the seat thriller, Thodari instead turns out to be a comedy riot. A complete entertainer if you are strong enough to let go of the logic's and cliches.Thodari Movie Review, Rating, Story and Verdict