Touted to be a commercial entertainer just like the promotions even the movie dint leave any box unticked in its check list of commercial elements. The movie has got the hero struggling to prove his mettle in an industry he loves, falling in love at first sight, heart break sequences, love failure booze song that ensues, a few fights here and there and the final confrontation which sums up the whole list and gets the lead couple together. We know these elements will be there even before we enter the cinema hall, but what exactly brings us to the theatres is Sivakarthikeyan and the magic he carries with him when he is on screen. But Remo disappoints us in this criteria (but not for the first 30 mins at least). Siva’s charisma works for the film only until he dons the Female nurse character and starts cross dressing. The job Siva has done in convincing the audience with his nurse role is commendable and needs appreciation. But the voice over for the same nurse character is not that great (They have teased the same in the movie as well).


Sathish, Motta Rajendar, Yogi Babu do not fail to give an energetic performance and brings the hall down with laughter whenever they appear on screen. The story is plain simple but is expected to carry loads of humor elements throughout its screenplay to keep the audience engaged and that is not satisfied fully here.


Just like every other commercial film this films too glorifies the love of the protagonist and fails to give importance to the girl’s emotions. The boy falls for a girl who is getting engaged, unlike other films he does not try to woo her, instead tries to confuse her with the decision she has taken about her engagement and plants an idea in her which could help the boy to woo her later. We need more scenes when Keerthi decides to fall for Siva in order to make the move believable.


Remo wants us to fool our own brains before entering the cinema hall and just enjoy the movie with what it offers. Although the movie has taken on a path that has already been tested variety of times by Tamil film makers, the formula doesn’t seem to work that good here.


Anirudh has delivered some foot tapping numbers that we might munch through even after the credits roll out. The choreography and picturization of Tamilselvi song is the only visual treat that seems memorable. Anirudh’s Background score has been a great advantage to the movie.


Siva has given his best and tries to score in every scene where he comes as himself. Even when the Remo sister appears we would be wanting more of Siva than the cross dresser. The movie could have scored unimaginably if the magic and emotions of each character has been written perfectly at the right places.


Thanks to the big names involved the movie is technically brilliant. Every scene looks like it’s taken out of an art gallery and looks colorful and lively. The visual treat could have worked out great time if the ball has been played right. Romantic tracks feel artificial despite great picturization due to lack of depth in the lead female characterization. It is quite evident in every romantic scene that the director has got a vision to sweep the audience of their feet. But the magic we feel is not enough for a movie of this caliber.


P.C.Sreeram’s camera has been aptly used, if put forward in the right way he is the second hero of the movie. The movie becomes watchable only for this man and Siva who has worked his heart out which is quite evident in the movie.