kabali - Theri

Three new films have lined up for release this diwali(Deepavali as they spell in Tamil Nadu) and one more movie might add up to the list anytime. The releases this diwali include the likes of stars such as Karthi and Dhanush who pin their hopes on Kaashmora and Kodi respectively followed by Kadalai from Ma.Ka.Pa Anand, the budding actor in Kollywood.


What’s missing this Diwali is that there are no big releases from Superstar or IlayaThalapathy or Thala. But whats more surprising is this Diwali clocks the 100th day for Kabali and 200th day for Theri.


Kabali and Theri were the two of the biggest releases this year, and each movie has its own record to its name. Fans are quite pumped up about this news, and to harness this fact, one of the multiplexes in the city is organizing special show for these two movies in two of its screens. The fans have made sure that this would be a celebration and dint miss the oppurtunity to celebrate the event. The show turned out to be a housefull one just few hours after the tickets were opened for the public.