Kaashmora Movie Review, Rating, Story and Verdict

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Kaashmora starts with showcasing Karthi as an exorcist or rather in this movie’s sense we can describe him as the one who communicates with the ghosts. Before even we start to buy Kaashmora (Karthi) as a perfect exorcist, the movie changes its own mood all of a sudden and breaks into a song with loud percussions and start preaching us that Karthi is actually a fraudster. The transition seemed so out of place and that is the point where we lose interest in the movie, yes at the very start.


The humour appeals to us in a great way and that is what makes us sit through most of the film. When the fraudster is trapped by a ghost which is more than 300 years old forms the story of Kaashmora. Apart from the lack of depth in the screenplay, and CG works the movie would be thoroughly enjoyable if you love Karthi’s style of wit humour and Gokul’s quirky direction.


SriDivya appears out of nowhere and is doing a thesis on Kaashmora (name of the fraudster Karthi), at some point we might think that her presence is just there to fill the void of heroine, but director has other plans for her. She is needed later in the story, yes there is a story and SriDivya is not the heroine.


May be this is what makes Kaashmora much interesting, it has shooed away all the possible clichés that could have been a part of the script easily when the lead hero plays a dual role. Karthi plays a warlord apart from the fraudster and there is no connection between these two Karthi’s, there goes another cliché idea to the dustbin.


But why does Karthi need to play the warlord again when he is already having the lead role of the fraudster which he is being good at. He wins us all in scenes where he finds himself deserted in the palace. Most of the scenes where the CG are used badly makes us feel that the movie would have done better without those scenes (the one where the tree walks).


Made in the expectation of creating fantasy drama what we instead get is a laugh riot that falls under the usual horror- thriller – comedy genre with a good story line and weak execution. A few good laughs saves the entire film from collapsing.


Heart of the film is supposed to lie in the flashback of the warlord. We are convinced with what was shown but we are not awestruck. In other terms we are quite not satisfied with what is shown, we have seen more before and we want more. If the movie decides to travel on a lighter note then this would not have been necessary, but the movie wants us to take the characters of the flashback into our heart and feel sorry for the lost innocent lives (innocent lives in the flashback are supposed to die, don’t they?) . In that case we needed more spectacular action or at least more detailing into each of the characters. For the most part we cannot deduce what goes on inside Nayathara’s head.


Nayanthara plays the bold and beautiful princess. She is gorgeous as always and the scenes in which she appears are captured so colorfully. Apart from her nothing in the flashback impresses us.


We are convinced that the bald karthi is the unbeatable warlord through the voice over and not through the war sequences that we were skimmed through.


Karthi and Vivek scores throughout with their screen presence and the humor that they throw in the air. Karthi takes the whole film in his hands and makes the Kaashmora character a cake walk. Santhosh Narayanan’s songs blend along with the story line that and there’s nothing left for us to murmur after the film except the percussions from the first song.

Watch the movie if you are a lover of movies where you expect no logic but to laugh without any inhibitions. If you are a fan of Gokul's quirky direction and karthi's style of humour you might enjoy the movie inside out.Kaashmora Movie Review, Rating, Story and Verdict