Balle Vellaiya Thevaa

balle vellaya theva

There are scenes where you smile, and the rest are the scenes where you analyse the reasons as to why you chose this movie to watch in the first place. We are not sure as to what goes on exactly in minds of Sasikumar when he is making this kind of films. He is the producer for this too introducing another debutante director Solai Prakash under his production venture. We sense a story in the midst of a horrible attempt at comedy. By the end we conclude that the comedy is on the story itself.



The movie has got an excellent premise for a comedy. We have Sasikumar and Tanya Rajendran playing the lead role while Kovai Sarala and Sangili Murugan. The characters are fun and the casting is pretty fine too. We are not sure what to make of the repetitive change of emotions within the scenes. One scene we have the villain casting an evil eye on the hero’s family and the heroine saying bluntly no to the hero. The very next scene we will have the characters to emote expressions that are juxtaposed to their original context.


It is not that we haven’t seen this before, we have seen this and we have lived through this kind of movies. But had there been a little sensibility towards the execution our ticket money would have proved worth.