Maaveeran Kittu

kittu maaveeran

Maaveeran Kittu, director Suseenthiran’s next project has the lead protagonist Vishnu Vishal playing the role of a rank holder born to a downtrodden community. Parthiepan is ChinRasu born in the same community but tries to fight the way through the oppressing community for the welfare of his people. He is more or less considered to be a messiah of the people. No points for guys who guessed if SriDivya is from the upper community.


The policies of the government which are supposed to reach the villagers are being carried out by Parthipan who holds no position in the system because one who holds the positions are from the other community and they are in no way ready to help the betterment of the oppressed. The movie starts with Parthiepan applying to high court to seek permission to carry out the funeral procession of their leader through the streets where the upper community dwells.

kittu maaveeran parthiban

The intention of Parthiepan/ Chinrasu’s pleas seems legitimate and we feel for his people for the first few intense scenes. The intensity seems to disappear in the subsequent scenes thanks to the wafer thin screenplay which holds a cent percent predictability. Once the scenes become predictable in a way we no longer see the characters as themselves but as actors with certain roles. We start scrutinizing their acts rather than relishing the same.


The hint of Suseendharan’s touch is visible in micro plots that involves document of a farm and Sri Divya’s father. We are not spoon fed on the happenings on the micro plots and that looks beautiful in the large dull picture.


The picture has got everything that is needed to make necessary impact, but the director decides that we are better off with a light hearted treatment. The scenes which might have looked great on paper especially the climax are not piercing enough and we tend to forget the same even before we leave the theatre.


SriDivya doesn’t come in the usual loosu ponnu template, we are saved there but not from the clichés that follows the love story. We see more clichés than we see the film itself.


Imman’s Inaivom song grabs the heart just like the scene. Most of the BGM reminds us of the song again. In some places BGMs are the only pullers through the dull screenplay. We still are not sure why the couple of duet songs are placed towards the end.


The songs are worth listening but the pace of the movie and placement of the songs deem us to skip the romance numbers as yet another loo break and we get a lot of them.


Vishnu Vishal has given his best while Sri Divya tries to do the same. Harish Uthaman plays the game with angry faces among the villain lot. I wish someday somebody gives him a chance for a role with better scope apart from monotonous expression.


Parthiepan stands out in places with his dialogues and his unique way of impeccable dialogue delivery. We still wonder why suseenthiran opted for a slow paced screenplay while he had the options to deliver a gripping tale.