Vijay - Bairavaa (10)

A wanna be star dispenser runs out off mass moments in unravelling a story that banks solidly on a social message and Vijay’s on screen charisma.


Bairavaa would have been the perfect masala entertainer for Vijay in his filmography had it been released a decade back. Barahthan makes us feel that as though he has invented a time machine that takes us back to Vijay’s Sura and Vettaikaran times. Vijay’s charisma and his screen presence are convincing though.

Vijay - Bairavaa (3)

Bharathan follows yet another tested template in storytelling. The movie begins with the customary mass introduction scene followed by a couple of one liners that preaches the value of time then a fight that is aimed at fans who were waiting to bring the roof down with their wolf whistles. Then comes the song where the dancing skills of the actor are put to test.


The method of storytelling that follows does carry some elements of surprises that pivots around the lead lady. I really felt happy for Keerthy that she has got to be the pillar of a large star vending drama.

Vijay - Bairavaa (11)

After the initial fight that indirectly states that the star we are watching has got super natural powers, the fight towards the interval block seems to cook out the perfect masala moment for the Vijay movie.


Unlike the one on one which we expect out of a revenge drama, the story seems to fiddle around with the characters at hand. The movie ends with a message that questions the qualifications of the owners of educational institutions.

Vijay - Bairavaa (8)

Although the plot looks promising, every tit for tat move by the hero and the villain seems nostalgic.


Nillayo song tests the romantic side of Vijay again and we could think of no other star of his stature who could pull of these moves with that ease.

Bairavaa (11)

Despite the lull drama a few scenes seems interesting though. Like the one where Vijay takes revenge on a professor. But we wish the clichés could have been reduced at least in the court scenes.


After Vijay’s filmography took a sharp turn after Kaavalan, Bairavaa comes as a surprise pack. Preachy oneliners and lengthy monologues carry nothing but social messages to fans and has travelled far away from Kaavalan in reverse gear.