Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru


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Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru a promising movie by a debutante film maker who stamps his name in the minds of the audience with such an impact that no one’s gonna easily forget his name. This is a pure film from a youngster who seems to have excelled in writing and direction in his very first film. In the milieu of Tamil Cinema where making a normal investigative thriller itself is a dream, the 22 year old Karthick Naren has travelled forward in time and made a movie that could be celebrated for years.



The movie is completely based in Coimbatore. The rain setting, the costumes and the actors are so convincing and the movie is aesthetically brilliant. These aesthetic shots would be given for a toss if there were no gripping tale to be told underneath the layers of these scenes. But Karthick here, not only has he got an excellent story line, he has also got the knack for story-telling.

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His method of story-telling is innovative. He employs not only the protagonist to convey the story, every character introduced seem to have a part in the bigger picture. He says what could be the picture from the point of view of other characters and then lets us get our own idea about the mystery. Karthick’s excellence in film making is quite evident in every single frame that he has beautifully showcased.



Unlike any other mystery that we rarely get on the market, the story doesn’t revolve or is hugely based on the twist by the end. That doesn’t mean that the story or the climax is bad , actually the twist or should I say twists at the end is sure to take you by surprise. It is that the director doesn’t entirely bank on the climax. Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru has its selling point throughout its running time thanks to the wonderfully written screenplay.


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The story revolves around the cop Deepak (played by Rahman) who tries to solve a missing case of a girl and the murder of a youngster on the streets in the dead of the night. The movie starts with a scene where a mystery man kills assaults a couple at a gun point in a rainy night. The case which is laid out plainly before us is sure to have a lot of default assumptions. The screenplay proves every single assumption false in the subsequent scenes and at one point you will stop solving the case and let the character on the screen play their parts. We stop because the puzzle becomes too big for us and we will begin to enjoy the thrill we were in for rather than playing out the mind boggling game.



The director uses people to bring out liveliness to the frame so that it doesn’t in any way feel too generic. The protagonist uses a sentence that most of the decisions were taken at the time when the characters are on their emotional peak. Every single logical question you start to ask by the end of the movie on your way home will be answered by this one line. The beauty in the movie is that you don’t get to ask these questions during the movie. The way of unfolding the mystery is so beautiful that it leaves you spellbound for the entire length of the movie.


Karthick had made quite an entry into the industry in style.

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