Yaman Movie Review, Rating, Story and Verdict

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Yaman starts with a predicatable prologue that gives a slight hint of what we are into. What follows then is nothing but the extrapolated version of the prologue that includes more characters, more twists, more politics and more backstabbing and blood bath. The twists in the story of Yaman are so great in number that after sometime you feel you are fed up with how the story moves and you cease reacting.


No matter how great the story could be, it would become nothing if the casting goes wrong for the movie. Vijay Antony is bombarding us with a style of films and his characterization seem to bear no change at all in consequent movies. We are so fed up with his style of acting that we start accepting the character as it is without questioning.

yaman 3

His characterization is nothing short of a people’s hero. He is named Tamilarasan by his father who is Vijay Antony himself. Tamilarasan helps people when they are in need, doesn’t harm others unless they hit him first. Soft corner for the heroine. This characterization is the result of the three hour film watching experience and the director has not taken any effort to define his character even to the slightest extent. Even a football game will give some time to make us well verse with the faces of the players and the side they are playing before the start of the game. We are forced to watch the game and cherish the moments.


No matter how great the story is, without proper characterisation the well written mind games seem more like puppet dance. Had there been little more effort in casting, directing and acting the well written story would have looked good on siver screen too.


Vijay Antony himself has composed music for the film. None of the songs are good enough to remember once you leave the hall. However the background score is bassy enough to make your heart jump at times and tap your foot at times.

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There are some pure masala moments that become appreciable enough only for the music. Even if those masala moments couples with the scenes before and after then they would have deserved their appreciation. Thanks to the direction that no matter how natural the scene was written some scenes still look forced down the throat.


The concept of a character playing double ended games is fully utilized in this movie. While the well written mind games do entertain us to certain extent, the lack of liveliness in the characters spoil all the little fun that we will be having.

Yaman – Jeeva Shankar’s take on a political drama with lifeless characters. Mish Mash mind games that has potential to give enough fun spoilt only by poor direction, Yaman Movie Review, Rating, Story and Verdict