Pisaasu fame Prayaga opens up on rift with makeup artist

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Prayaga Martin who rose to fame with Mysskin’s Pisaasu is dealing with false rumours after a bitter encounter with her makeup man in the sets of a Malayalam movie. There had been posts on Social Media accusing the actress of being rude with her makeup man. When the actress was contacted she had a very different story to say compared to the one posted by the art director in his social media pages.


Prayaga Martin who is busy with a couple of Malayalam films in her hand is currently shooting for Vishwasaroopam Mansoor under P.T.Kunju Mohammed’s direction. When we contacted the actress about the ongoing allegations, she started to open up.


“I was asked to report to the sets early morning. The climax portion were being shot and I was asked to put on a makeup that made me look dull. Since I did not have a particular shade with me that day, I asked the makeup man from the sets to do it for me. When I asked him to tone down the make up a little bit, he got frustrated and started insulting me with harsh words infront of everyone in the sets.


I chose not to react since this might disrupt the shooting. After the shoot got over by 7 PM, I took the matter to my mother who came forward to inquire what went wrong. He was rude towards my mother too. I warned him to behave properly with my mother and raised my finger in doing so. This should have irked him. He said “you are just a woman, how dare you point your fingers at me” as he twisted my right arm.”

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The actress later took the issue to the director who was shocked but requested the actress not to make a issue out of it as it might affect the film. The actress for once thought that the matter was settled when the makeup artist later apologised to her in front of everyone in the sets. But only later did she realise that she has been shamed on social media with posts claiming that she slapped the makeup artist.


The director confirmed that a formal complaint has been registered in AMMA and FEFKA, both the associations are ready to take the matters seriously with further investigation. The actress also added that she is ready to handle things legally if AMMA and FEFKA failed to take necessary action.

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