Anupriya Kapoor Instagram - She clearly wants to sleep more. 💞😍😄😄 #doglover #myjaan #brandykapoor

Anupriya Kapoor Instagram – She clearly wants to sleep more. 💞😍😄😄 #doglover #myjaan #brandykapoor


Anupriya Kapoor Instagram – She clearly wants to sleep more. 💞😍😄😄 #doglover #myjaan #brandykapoor | Posted on 23/Mar/2017 13:10:07

Anupriya Kapoor Instagram – 💕
Anupriya Kapoor Instagram – Wanted to say this for a very long time to a lot of ppl who think that eating rite = not having a life or not living. When ppl (ppl i dont even know) see me eating healthy and working on my body they tell me that “oh u dont know how to live or oh u have deprived urself of so many good things in life”or “oh no offence to u Anu but i like to live my life” i just smile n dont reply. Thats nt cause i dont have an answer but simply cause i know they just wont get it. 
So today once n for all i want to tell those ppl that i have made a choice in life and a choice of life. The reason i work so hard on my diet and workout is cause i want to look a certain way in the mirror and want to achieve a body that makes ME happy. Everyone has a diff version of wat they think is a perfect body.I dont eat laddoos, jalebis and fried Food everyday cause food excites me,it makes me happy and if i start eating these things on a regular basis it wont b a big thing, it will become regular food. 
When after working really hard for 10 days i finally eat (binge) on the 11th day i feel happy,excited,uplifted n motivated ,i dont feel an iota of guilt (which i know a lot of gyanis feel when they eat rich food) cause 1stly i know i have earned it and 2ndly i know it wont harm my body in anyway because its a planned meal. (This idea may not work for everyone but works for me).So to all those who think that iam doing this for anything or anyone but myself or i don’t know how to live plz know that iam fully aware that all ur expert advice on food, life n body is coming from the fact that you dont have the discipline and the willpower to do it yet. Plz dont b offended but it is a humble request to keep ur gyaan to urself. Iam a 26yr old girl i have managed till now n i think that iam capable of doing that in future also. Honestly if u really r a well wisher u will appreciate my dedication (my real frds do that) n nt make me feel like iam an odd one out or a deprived soul.Plz dont judge ppl who have made a choice of life. Just cause they didnt choose wat u think is rt doesnt make them wrong. I eat healthy, i work hard in the gym n plan my cheat meals cause it makes me happy,period. #mylifemychoice