Theatre owners who called on for an indefinite strike after the State Government decided to levy 30 % tax on top of Central Government’s GST have now called their strike off after the Tamil Nadu Government decided to form a committee to look into the issue. The issue that has been burning since the announcement of GST took a different turn since the State Government announced that it will levy additional 30 % tax on top of already existing Central Government’s 28 % Tax.


After the tax details were announced, theatre owners announced that they will have their shutters locked until State Government decided to take a permanent stand on the issue. Theatre owners and Producers were frightened that this might call promote piracy and might eventually stop movie goers from visiting Theatres.


Several celebrities took to twitter to express their concern and requested the state government to consider revising the taxes. Superstar Rajinikanth took it to twitter to express his concern over the issue and requested the state government to look into the issue as livelihood of several thousands linked to the industry might be affected. Kamal Haasan retweeted the Superstar’s tweet and thanked the actor for voicing out the concern.


It is believed that the state government has decided to form a committee to look into the issue and requested the theatre owners to give up the strike. As of now, it is believed that the theatre’s might be collecting taxes that is linked with the central government’s GST that is 28% until a permanent solution is arrived at.


The new GST terms include 18 % for tickets that cost less than 100 Rupees and 28 % for tickets that cost more than 100 Rupees.


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