Ilayathalapathy vijay thalapathy

A famous woman journalist in Chennai had been targeted on the social media for the past five days after she shared her experience of walking out of a Vijay film in her twitter space on Friday. The tweet that actually compared the recently released SRK film to one of the movies of Vijay that was released about 10 years ago, triggered the fans of the actor and they launched an organized troll to demean her.


Self-proclaimed fans of the actor under various anonymous twitter handles targeted the journalist with vulgar and abusive tweets. Some even made sexual remarks and soon the trend started by them started trending throughout the nation. After repeated requests from the journo herself, and her colleagues to the Twitter India, they took down the handle from the Trending page.


Even after repeated requests to stop the troll from various factions of the social media the trolling continued for about three to four days, and finally, a case was filed against a few twitter handles at the cybercrime cell in Tamil Nadu. After the issue became trending, several celebrities including the opposition leader MK Stalin tweeted in support of the journo.


A few Fan Associations of the actor Vijay declared that they had nothing to do with the abusive tweets. They also declared that they can’t vouch for the accounts that were responsible for the problem.


As the topic was being discussed online, the actor Vijay finally broke his silence and issued a statement online. The statement read, “I am someone who respects women a lot. Everybody has the right to criticise anyone’s film. It is my view that no woman should be spoken of in a demeaning way for any reason or any time. Everyone has to praise womanhood,” “I request that nobody should share hurtful and wrong views about women on social media.” He further added.


The statement from the actor Vijay had silenced the issue for now. But however the debate on how far a star should involve in the online activities of his fans has just started.