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Mahesh Babu’s debut movie in Tamil came in the form of Thriller from director A.R.Murugadoss. The promising bilingual was released on “” to mixed reviews. However banking on the popularity of the actor Mahesh Babu, the movie garnered around 51 Crores at the box office on its very first day of release.


The mixed reviews dint have an impact at the box office as the movie continued to rake well at the box office in its opening weekend. The makers have now declared that the movie is indeed a blockbuster and released the box office collection for the first five days. In what seems to be a decent run, the movie has grossed around 102 Crores from its run worldwide for five days and the producers seemed to have gained around got around 61 Crores of share from the movie.

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The detailed analysis of the box office of the movie Spyder are as follows.
The producers share from the Telugu Version has been amounted upto 50.7 Crores around the world, while Tamil version has amounted up to 11.1 Crores worldwide. While the total share worldwide has come to 61.8 Crores to the producers, the worldwide approximate gross has come to 102.6 Crores.


Of this 4.9 Crores has been the share from USA for the Telugu version. Mahesh Babu is said to hold a great market in the US said trade analysts while sharing the news.



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