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Teaser of the Jyothika starrer Naachiyaar had released yesterday evening by Suriya Sivakumar in his official twitter handle. The teaser with a runtime of less than a minute was enough to create controversial spikes in the social media.


The teaser shows Jyothika playing a pious, angry and a fierce cop, while the movie’s other lead G.V.Prakash’s plays an accused in the hands of police.


Music director turned actor G.V.Prakash was much appreciated for taking up a role in the bala movie right after he signed the film. While not much of the story is revealed from the teaser, it had shots of the actor eyeing another female lead, probably his love interest and dancing in what seems to be a festival of a kind. While these kind of shots ensure that G.V.Prakash plays a happy character, he gets a grim shade in the subsequent shots. He also is being chased by the police. His character does not show any remorse in the shot when he stands in front of a superior police officer as an accused probably for questioning and even carries a smirk with him.


Jyothika’s character on the other hand is shown as a pious female lead who also breaks glass doors in a modern attire. She gets to drive the police vehicle in a chase and also appears in different attires throughout the teaser. There even is a shot which seems like she is getting prepared for torturing a lady in a dark room. The final topping in the teaser is the final shot where she slaps a man standing opposite him and utters a cuss word in Tamil for Bast***s.

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The minute long teaser which is nearing 2 million views on youtube has created enough sparks to create a debate. So strong is the cuss word, which some section of the audience could not take it and reacted to the scene by trolling the actress. Jyothika took a break from her acting career after her marriage with actor Suriya. She returned to acting with much anticipated 36 Vayadhinile which actually is a remake of the Malayalam movie ‘How Old Are You?’. The movie which had her character in the lead role had strong characterization and she was much appreciated for her role in the movie. She went on to act in another female centric movie ‘Magalir Mattum’ which turned out to be a sleeper hit.


Jyothika is one of the few heroines who voiced against the mundane characterization of female leads in the industry. She had earlier spoke about how heroines are not being portrayed in the way they are supposed to be. Taking a dig at directors who reduce their female leads to mere stupid bubbly girl, She also spoke against double intended one liners that target heroines in most of the movies in the industry.


Given the above description about Jyothika, it is not surprising that she took up a character that has a more detailed arc in the character graph. However coming back to the cuss word that was used in the teaser, her fans supported her from the trolls that targeted her and her personal life.


It is quite obvious that the cuss word will not make it to the final cut given the history with censor board, the social media is now abuzz with the debate that if a certification is needed for promotional videos of movies released online too. It is learnt that this method is followed in film industries from other countries where a censor certificate will be issued for promotional videos of movies that includes teasers and trailers.