Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru

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Walking out of Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru a train of thoughts ran through my mind. Along with those thoughts was the satisfactory feeling that a proper cop movie has been made in Tamil after the long gap of Gautham’s Cop movie series. Karthi is memorable as Theeran and etches the character throughout the movie with thorough finesse.


The movie starts in 2017 where a police officer manages to read a casefile from the archive and makes a call to DSP ‘Theeran’. The few seconds where he manages to go through the file are filled with graphics that is enough to say how strong the movie is going to be. Yes, the movie is strong and does not flinch away in the dosage of violence it shows. The graphic violence finds itself in the places where it could be justifiable.

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After the phone call, Theeran starts narrating the story right from the day when he passed the civil service exam and joined the training. Theeran is an intelligent cop, he tops the batch, but the director doesn’t stop it right there in just mentioning these facts. He gets down to explain how attentive he is in class and how he tops the training too.


Coupled with a group of slow motion montages, you wonder if these are the real kind of mass elements that the director has intended to show. But these are the scenes that lay justification to what you will witness later.After Theeran joins the police force we are shown him solving a couple of cases, where he uses both his brain and muscle. By looking at the broken head lamp in an accident scene he finds out if it was turned on before the accident, I was blown.

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You are shown a dacoit robbery where the gang breaks and enters a house, kills everyone inside brutally only after ripping the victims of their gold ornaments. The robbery is so brutal that you witness everything that happens for the next few minutes in silence. After the punch dialogue of the head of the gang, the mood of the movie shifts to Karthi again.


After the formal introductory scenes comes the heroine who is another bubbly next door girl who has failed a couple of times in 12th std. You know that these romantic scenes are the commercial elements that are imparted for the sake of it, but why complain when it iscute enough. It doesn’t take much time for the couple to impress with their chemistry. Only when you think that this would be another masala movie with the inevitable love portions, the movie takes a complete detour and walks into the lake that lies ahead.

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Once Theeran gets his hands on the much talked about case, he is hell bent on catching the baddies. Just like walking into the lake and drowning oneself, we are taken slowly through the lake of investigation that lies ahead. We badly want the baddies to be caught just as Theeran does. This is no revenge saga (even after some of the twists in the interval), the story is just that of a cop trying to do his job. He is haunted by the cries of the victims. Karthi aces in every single emotion that is expected of him.


After the negligence of the case by his senior officials, he takes that punch that seriousness of the case will be understood only if the victims are from the families of those in power. It seems like the dialogue itself is from the masses and not for the mass effect in the movie. Once the movie touches its high point and the interval board comes up, it gives the feel of having watched a complete movie that makes us want for more.


The pre interval block and a number of action sequences in the second half are some of the intense wolf whistle moments in the movie. There is a fight sequence where the baddies follow the protocol of a wolves. A fight sequence with two buses running parallel with a man hanging between them. It is not just these heroic bits that highlight Theeran. We even get a sequence where Karthi admits his mistake on making a wrong move, ‘avasarapatuten’ he sighs.

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Whenever I read about thugs , I always wondered why someone couldn’t make a film out of them. And here is Vinoth who has come with a buffet,  filled with his research on the particular case he has taken. The research has enough content to make ten films and imagine them bombarded into one cop film. The sequences where the history is explained are goosebump moments. The details in action sequences apart from those in investigation scenes shows the finesse in writing.


Vinoth’s Theeran gives us everything one could expect out of a proper cop film. To begin with, it respects cops for what they are. Give your silly questions of them asking for a bribe and they answer it on screen. Question about their fitness and he answers. Question about the much criticised system and you have answers for them on the screen too.


Karthi’s Theeran speaks about a case that made Tamil Nadu cops to be respected around the country, the existence of Thug tribes in India, a personal life of a cop and the system that treats a honest cop. Theeran could go as a feather in the cap of the actor Karthi’s filmography.  Excellent writing, performances and honest execution makes the movie stand out in the list of cop movies made so far.

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