Thiruttupayale 2

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Thiruttupayale 2 in a nutshell looks more like a pile up of scenes that might have looked amazing on paper. It is acceptable to lose a little bit of awesomeness when the scenes are transformed on screen. But it is unacceptable when any random scene from the movie doesn’t coher with other scenes from the movie. Yes, there are some great moments for the movie Thiruttupayale 2, but they are ultimately wasted either by its preceeding scene or the succeeding one both of which will be found in a separate track or shall I say screenplay.


The story of Thiruttupayale 2 is that of a police inspector (Bobby Simha who is brilliant as Selvam) who doesn’t take bribes like his counterparts. While staying honest among his family and acquaintances, he manages to do some unimaginable deeds indeed. The first few scenes were a riot when him and his methods. The moment after he accomplishes his great first deed, he walks back to his house to meet his wife (Amala Paul as Agal) who is obsessed with Facebook.

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Amala Paul looks great and convincing in her character as Agal. Her character was beautifully written who doesn’t lose her sanity even in the toughest of times. We are shown the characterization of Prasanna even before his face his shown. Once we see his face we dwelve deeper into his persona. The character sketch of Baalki aka Bala Krishnan (played by Prasanna) is brilliant. And we wish the drama is laid out the same way his character was sketched.


Amala Paul looks stunning in the shoes of Agal. Their house in a police quarters bears the name ‘Agal Illam’. Her obsession with facebook and her realization moments were great too. Vidyasagar’s theme of Thiruttu Payale 2 is haunting. Bobby’s dance in his private house for the theme are to be cherished.

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One other thing that pricked my eye is the convincing factor that the director seemed to have given for a toss. We see the protagonists, we buy the characterizations, we see their problems, and we get the tension that is beautifully built up too. There are scenes that could have easily made to the list of whistle worthy or goose bumps moments. But what we get instead is the audience accepting the presence of a twist only after the movie has moved onto a new story.


While most of the scenes were strong enough to deliver the message that the director intended to deliver, the director couldn’t help but impart a message in a monologue from the protagonist around whom the story revolves. The initial shock and twists were sweet enough to carry the story forward. But it is at the highpoint in the movie that we really start to lose hope.

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There is great idea, and great writing too but when put together on scene, Thiruttupayale 2 doesn’t work out the way it is supposed to. The movie is too underwhelming for a great script.


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