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Intended to be an edge of the seat thriller, Maayavan accomplishes this in its first half with so much ease. But it is actually the second half of the story that poses more challenge. Sundeep Kishan plays an uptight cop who encounters a near death situation in the very first scene. He happens to witness a murder while on another petty chase. The opening chase sequence is very well executed that it has us glued to our seats.


For the very first time, we are shown the protagonists as not actual super heroes whose emotions work only during song sequences. We have Sundeep playing the inspector here who has got some secret lurking inside him. He is egoistic and is not ready to shed his ego even when his statement is proven false. He is commanding and doesn’t like others doing the job for him. He hates to be out of work. Sundeep’s cop character is a rare find in Tamil cinema. This holds good at least for the first few minutes.

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Maayavan is a science fiction genre movie that starts with a series of murders one of which Sundeep comes across. The entire first half is dedicated to chasing the people behind these crimes. The protagonist more or less chase shadows of these murders. The buildup of the scenes to narrowing down on one particular suspect is really well done with a high interval point.


The real challenge to the filmmaker lies in conducting the screen play with the same tension after revealing the secret or spoiler. The thrillers generally have the tendency to hold the movie together until the spoiler revealing seen. What we see after all the explanations are done is a cat and mouse game between the protagonist and the antagonist.

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The sleekness of the entire movie depends on how good this cat and mouse game is.  Maayavan follows the same template too. Once all the explanation of the sci-fi stuff are done we get the chase among the good and the bad. Although all the science fiction stuff looks brand new on screen once the chase starts we get the mundane template of the chase and there starts the downfall in the movie.


The movie opens to a shot from the locked up room in a house in the year 2037. Someone is tied to the bed and we see he is alive. Then we cut back to the present year with the casual intro of the hero and we start the story thus. I wonder if the initial shot was done as a build up to the story because it does nothing other than spoiling the final reveal once the story is explained. But this is applicable only if you remember the scene throughout the movie.

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There are some unforgiveable escaping moment (a petrol bump explodes) for the protagonist but that can be forgotten given the industry the producer happens to be in. May be those kind of scenes have become so rooted to directors and producers that they are not able to part with it even if the movie they are making falls in a completely superior genre.


Lavanya Tripathi is brilliant in her role as psychiatrist with sobre emotional delivery, which is what is required of the character. Daniel Balaji and Jaya prakash are a class apart in their performances. Jackie Shroff dashes in style in the role given to him but the timing in which his character is placed lacks in screenplay which lets down his performance.


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