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Upasana Kamineni Instagram - A big thank you for making this cover soooo special 🙏🏼@beingsalmankhan I was sooooo nervous - Salman Bhai’s charm, humble nature & relaxed attitude really helped ease things out. Here’s an insight into Bhai’s diet, fitness, lifestyle & people management skills. On stands now ! #bpositive thanks a billion Mr C couldn’t have done it without u. He helped me prep, coached me and built my confidence to do this interview. Thank you. ❤️ My first time working with Dabboo Ratnani @dabbooratnani - truly professional & kind. His speed & style is unmatchable. Thanks so much. Rakesh Udiyar @rakeshudiyar thank you so much for co ordinating this interview. Thanks to u people can realise the crazy effort & dedication that goes into being Salman Khan. Let’s do our bit to make the world fitter together 💪🏻 #ramcharan #salmankhan #beinghuman #bharat URLife

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Upasana Kamineni Instagram – Happy Anniversary to us ! ❤️
(In advance )
Every anniversary we promised to do something new together – diving , adventure sport , learn healing techniques, take  culinary lessons etc.
This time it’s all about wildlife ! 
Absolutely love it ! 
Mr & Mrs C 😉 
@jungsaad Singita Sasakwa Lodge, Serengeti, Tanzania
Upasana Kamineni Instagram – A new found respect for RADIO ! 
My first visit to a radio station . I learnt about all the crazy planning & study that goes behind every song that’s played. ———————————————-
It’s all about making the right song reach u at the right time for ur mind to accept it. ———————————————-
A voice enhancement tip from the RJ’s : 
Boil Ginger, Black pepper in water for 5-7 mins , followed by a tsp of honey once poured in a cup ! 
Keep sipping ! Hyderabad