Sneha Ullal Instagram – ✌🏻

Sneha Ullal Instagram - ✌🏻

Sneha Ullal Instagram – ✌🏻 | Posted on 03/Jun/2020 11:30:13

Sneha Ullal Instagram – While i always hope for a change in this country,while i always pray that cruelty fades away,while i always argue why we dont have a strong system against all this cruelty, i still wonder and it weakens me, will we ever see justice?
We can only keep the faith yeah?I do my bit everyday to make this world a better place,do you? 💚🙏🏻
Sneha Ullal Instagram – To the people who did this,i wish i could ……….. the living day lights out of you.Praying satan feeds on you soon.F******** a$$holes

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