Sneha Ullal Instagram – 💞

Sneha Ullal Instagram - 💞

Sneha Ullal Instagram – 💞 | Posted on 21/Mar/2021 17:26:47

Sneha Ullal Instagram – 5 reasons to never wear LEATHER again.YOU READ THAT RIGHT.SWIPE left to know more.#snehaullal #vegan #crueltyfree
Sneha Ullal Instagram – “Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy your flight”
Felt so good to FLY AGAIN.I was a bit apprehensive to fly since the lockdown but after traveling with IndiGo, i feel so much better.They are following all the SAFTY PRECAUTIONS which is very assuring during these times.So start planning your vacations & fly safe with @indigo.6e @forever.6e ✈️ 
Have a safe flight.Have a safe life.
#flyagain #letsIndiGo #leancleanflyingmachine 
thank you. @mistryanish

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