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Hari Teja Instagram – | Posted on 17/May/2021 15:45:30

Hari Teja Instagram – GOD cannot be everywhere, that’s the reason he created Doctors. Having said that, it’s my pleasure to mention about one such Doctor whom I came across in the recent times during my delivery- Dr Shravanti. 
This pandemic has left everybody in a scary and disheartening state of mind. Recently, I came across Dr. sravanthi mam who ensured a safe and healthy delivery of my child during the toughest times like now. She not only was a doctor to me, but was my immense support and gave me strength in fighting multiple battles at a time. Though Thank you is a small word, a big salute to the heroic job you do and hats off to you Madam.  My special thanks to Dr Jayanti reddy mam (jj hospital) who stood for me in this whole journey 🥰

  Once again, I want to say that Life is a blessing.. so please take care and stay safe! For all the Pregnant women who are covid positive and need any kind of consultation/help, she is the best choice..
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