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Kareena Kapoor Instagram – @royalcwsociety #QCEC

Kareena Kapoor Instagram - @royalcwsociety #QCEC

Kareena Kapoor Instagram – @royalcwsociety
#QCEC | Posted on 09/Jun/2021 13:01:52

Kareena Kapoor Instagram – Shining bright like diamonds and gold on a billboard 🥰💛

@malabargoldanddiamonds 🙌🏼☺

Kareena Kapoor Instagram – Over the past year and a half, our lives have turned upside down and it’s not as we’ve ever known it before. While we’re trying to adapt to this new way of life, we’ve to remember that this change has been especially challenging for our little ones as they cannot attend school, meet friends or play outdoors freely. 

With their physical movements restricted and them being confined to online classes, I’ve discovered @flintoclass, which can become a good friend for today’s kids, in their early development stage.

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