Sunder Ramu Instagram - #shotoniphone

Sunder Ramu Instagram – #shotoniphone

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Sunder Ramu Instagram – #shotoniphone | Posted on 09/Apr/2022 18:21:34

Sunder Ramu Instagram – Pink cotton candy n a sea of blue. 
Sunder Ramu Instagram – You looked “hot” when you were young. Fresh fragrance. Firm petals, looking proud, knowing that everyone was looking at you with envy.  Adorned the mantelpiece like a trophy for everyone to admire.You stood out in the crowd. Among the less expensive flowers in the arrangement. The support cast. But when you dried up and were less desirable and the time came to replace you with younger fresher flowers, I couldn’t get myself to discard you. As you wrinkled up and bent over but stayed my constant companion, I couldn’t help but but look at you and notice how graceful and elegant you grew everyday. There is something so quiet and peaceful about watching you out of the bunch that were competing for space in the expensive, pretentious vase. Maybe if I had given all of them the space and time that I gave you, they would’ve grown beautiful too. But I’m happy I have you. That it’s you I see in different patches of light through all the good times and bad. Oblivious to my gaze. I wonder if you have grown more beautiful with age or if my eyes have gotten wiser to the idea of beauty. Either way I’m glad you are in my life.