Parvathy Instagram - J O Y ! 📸 @nitashanayak ❤️

Parvathy Instagram – J O Y ! 📸 @nitashanayak ❤️

Parvathy Instagram - 👾

Parvathy Instagram – J O Y !

📸 @nitashanayak ❤️ | Posted on 09/Apr/2022 17:18:45

Parvathy Instagram – Flying time portal♾
Parvathy Instagram – I still remember the day you and @shish_aha came for training at bkr. From then till today, I’ve always admired how much effort you take to take care of your overall health and well-being, and be better at everything you do. Your long voice notes have been very helpful for me as a coach to understand what works for you and what not, and help improve my attention span😁.

Thank you for believing in me, for expanding my perspectives, and for being.
Happy birthday @par_vathy ! May you be blessed with lots of chor and cherupayar curry, good coffee, the best of breads, good health and everything you ever wished for. 🤗 Kochi, India