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Sanusha Instagram - Ithoru alangaaram aakkaruth en alle… I know 😋😀😁🙈 #jusme #san

Sanusha Instagram – | Posted on 05/Apr/2022 14:44:01

Sanusha Instagram – അപ്പോ ഇതും വശമുണ്ട്… ല്ലേ… 
Yup, I’m basically good at dancing because I love to dance. This is from a stage show I did years ago.. and this is dedicated specially to those who tells me “ അറിയുന്ന പണി എടുത്താ പോരേ മോളേ “ 
With this I declare, അറിയുന്ന പണി തന്നെയാ ചേട്ടന്മാരേ… ഇനീം ചെയ്യും. 
Thanks for each and everyone of you who has been a part of my journey till date supporting me and encouraging me. Much love to all ❤️😘
#san #love #fireinmeisstronger 🙃🤪❤️