Sanjjanaa Instagram - I loved wearing this lovely Outfit by 👗 @labelshiprabohara ❤️ 💄 @prettify_makeover & @official_dermacol_india Hi friends have a beautiful day ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ #kgf2 #kgfchapter2 #sanjjanaa #southindiancinema #sanjanagalrani #sanjana #bujjigadu #mujhseshaadikarogi #sanjjanaagalrani #jaikarnataka #kannadafilmsctress #telugufilmactress #kannadiga #kannadathi #namma #kannadafilms

Sanjjanaa Instagram – I loved wearing this lovely Outfit by 👗 @labelshiprabohara ❤️ 💄 @prettify_makeover & @official_dermacol_india Hi friends have a beautiful day ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ #kgf2 #kgfchapter2 #sanjjanaa #southindiancinema #sanjanagalrani #sanjana #bujjigadu #mujhseshaadikarogi #sanjjanaagalrani #jaikarnataka #kannadafilmsctress #telugufilmactress #kannadiga #kannadathi #namma #kannadafilms

Sanjjanaa Instagram - #Mehendi is such a beautiful culture followed in every caste and creed of India .. I passionately took to being patient for a span of 2 to 3 hours with an acute pregnancy back pain still forcing myself to be patient .. to achieve this beautiful meaningful mehendi on my hands … My right hand has a “MOMTOBE“ mehendi tatoo embraced on my wrist & ABCD embraced too … so cute know ??? My right hand palm has pregnant woman embracing and feeling the moments of her baby in her womb , with her husband trying to hear the baby movements too … My left hand has a “ DAD TO BE “ tatoo on my wrist with a “Welcome Baby“ note .. followed by on the palm I have a very beautiful sculpture of “ Yashodaa maiyaaa holding on to Shree Krishna Nandalal with the compassion of a Mother to her self … I would like to encourage today’s generation through this beautiful mehendi to always sustain our culture and let mehendi in its self not to be a thing of yesterdays in the Indian society .. I heart fully always support being #vocalforlocal specially when it is a small scale start up business I am always there to extend limelight towards them , there fore @mehendistoriesbykiran is my pic when it comes to Making your occasions more emotionally bond and rememberable ❤️ Photos by @happeningpixels Karnataka, Bangalore

Sanjjanaa Instagram – I loved wearing this lovely Outfit by 👗 @labelshiprabohara ❤️
💄 @prettify_makeover & @official_dermacol_india

Hi friends have a beautiful day





#kgf2 #kgfchapter2 #sanjjanaa #southindiancinema #sanjanagalrani #sanjana #bujjigadu #mujhseshaadikarogi #sanjjanaagalrani #jaikarnataka #kannadafilmsctress #telugufilmactress #kannadiga #kannadathi #namma #kannadafilms | Posted on 13/May/2022 12:46:55

Sanjjanaa Instagram – I thank the almighty so much that he has given me a companion like you Doctor Saab .. 🧿 your not just the kind of gentle man husband every wife wants but also a son-in-law every mother would want… 

You are my strength , my positivity , my happiness , my mentor & my almighty in yourself . 

May it be thick or thin .. life, situations , certain people tried so hard to blow us apart .. put us into the most uncalled for biggest challenges one can ever experience in once life time .. 
But we stood strong & evolved above it all by the Grace of the almighty & blessings of our parents . 

Life has thought me how important it is to prioritise only my first family over others & keep my circle very minimal specially as a celebrity when the world is out there to get you for all the materialistic benefits such as name , fame , money  one can extract & exploit in the name of friendship .. brother hood etc . I learnt it the very very hard way but yes well I learnt it all already 🌸 

Cant thank you Enough Dr.Saab to have always been by my side … 

This dreamy Babyshower event & all the Efforts have been put up by my in-laws who have always been very loving & supportive to me . More Love & gratitude to all the family members .❤️❤️❤️

Also my technical team mentioned below was my back bone for this event – ❤️ 

Outfit by – Chandangowda @chandangowda_official 
Photos – Harshitha venu @happeningpixels 
Makeup – Pooja @prettify_makeover 
Decor by – Arshita & Amrutha @hidden.lightz 
Mehendi by Kiran kumar  @mehendistoriesbykiran
Watch from my personal collection by @longines 
Jewellry from my personal collection by @shreekrishnadaimonds & Jewellry , Commercial Street .
Sanjjanaa Instagram – 👗 @momzjoy 
📸 @dark_emerald_0702 
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