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Saumya Tandon Instagram – | Posted on 04/Feb/2023 17:39:27

Saumya Tandon Instagram – My dear dear friend, Vaibhav Kumar Singh Raghave lovingly we call him Vibhu (vibhuzinsta) is suffering from a rare and aggressive type of Colon cancer in its last stage, and is undergoing treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

He is a ray of sunshine in our lives , so positive so health conscious and away from all vices. It was such a shock for me. He had just come out of a tradegy when he lost his father and this shook his family and world again. God I guess tests his best children the most. 

After 6 months of chemotherapy,  he has been on monthly immunotherapy cycles which cost 4 lakh 50 thousand per dose. In January 2023 he has been advised minimum one more year of immunotherapy and then possibly the surgery to get him out of it. We will need in excess of 2 tranches of Rs 20 lakhs each (Total Rs 40,00,000. US$ 50,000 approx), as the medicines, and immunotherapy to be used are extremely expensive(the cost certificate of 17 lakh is only for just three months). He wants to live and he is fighting bravely. Your contribution could save a good soul,  a great son, a doting brother  and our most loved friend. Please do donate, whatever you can, and surely please keep him in your prayers. I am so sure we all can do it for him. Much love and thanks in advance ❤️ 

Link for donation is in my bio
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