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The first thing you see on the white screen for the movie is a pool of blood and a blood stained hand reaching for help. Then we are given introduction to whom the blood belongs to and what happens there after, by a voice over. The voice over is beautiful with its own share of figure of speeches. We are first made to believe that this murder mystery is going to form the crux of the story, instead we get chapters or leaves out of the lives of two main characters Kidaari and Kombaiya Paandian.

We are introduced to a sea of characters and their share of stories with the protagonist and the victim. We are supposed to suspect each of this character for the murder, but instead they just help in building the protagonist’s character in each scene that ensues and we do not get the slightest feel closer to suspicion. The characters with their introduction looks just like chapters out of great book.

We are convinced with the characterization of Kidaari and Kombaiya Pandian in the first few scenes of the movie, but instead with the subsequent introduction of other characters we are shown how big these heroes are again rather than stressing on the other new characters.

All the characters are given equal share of interesting stories but however only a few get to stay in our minds. Kidaari on the whole has got an excellent story line but only by the end do you get to think that the whole story with such a long cast list has just revolved around only one character.

One another important aspect to note about Prasad Murugesan’s direction apart from dialogues is that the movie sticks to its nativity and is never compromised. The location in every frame of the movie seems so grounded and gives us no hint of watching anything out of place.

Darbuka Siva has done an excellent job in terms of both songs and background score. ‘Thalakaalu puriyavilla’ is a number that will make you hum the tune. The protagonist kidaari gets a kind of Background Score that will stay in your head for days.

Apart from Vela Ramamoorthy as Kombaiya Pandian and Sasi kumar as Kidaari who are sure to rule our hearts with their impeccable performances, O.A.K Sundar as Pulikuthi Pandian and Suja Varunee as Loga Nayaki are the only two other characters whom we get to remember by the end of the story. Napolean is once again commendable in guest role.

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