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With slight altercations to the age old story that deems itself as a perfect story for a horror comedy the crew begins the making. The story is told in the most non interesting way, thanks to the order of scenes that looked so like it was wrongly piled up after a late nights assignment. Anirudh’s out of the world music dint help in one way. Yes, the music for out of the movie world and added its bit to maintaining the non-coherence of the scenes.


Except the Kadavule Vidai songs everything else looked perfectly out of the place. Viveks one liners did make us smile at times and croon “boo” many times for him. The concept of long long night ( no not winter, its long night) inside the haunted place and concept of playing the flashback through a song is appreciable.


Wait the concept is appreciable but the execution doesn’t deserve it. Many dialogues in the movie looked like the shots were made out from the directorial of an amateur film maker.Thanks to the presence of Vivek the feeling passed on.

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Remove the graphics scenes from the movie and you will feel more like looking into a theatrical play which would have been a runaway hit, had the dialogues been penned by the likes of S.V.Sekhar or Crazy Mohan.


The real funny part came in when we realized that there is an epilogue for the movie. The fun part is not in the epilogue but the epilogue itself seems to be the funnier part.

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Even when we pass on to the important moments of storytelling, through the second half pity the director who hasn’t realized the knowledge of the story for the audience is 10 scenes ahead of the characters that are realizing the story just then.

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Hrishikesh and Sanchita Shetty play the lead roles as thieves while Vivek and two other characters that have some prominence assist them. Miya George plays the loving flashback girl while Narain essays the villain role with ease.


Just because the lead team were supposed to be thieves we get a stretch of scenes in the initial portions that we wish weren’t there.

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