Nayantara in dora
Nayantara in Dora

Dora is yet another horror-comedy-revenge story but with a couple of twists here and there. For one the protagonist is Nayantara, yes it’s an actress playing the hero here.  There are no love portions thankfully. But the overdose of Thambi Ramaiah’s attempt at comedy compensates that.


The film beats around the bush for atleast a good half an hour in the beginning before it spells the S for the story. The story kick starts only towards the interval block. The story might be age old but it is served in an admirable goblet. The cocktail’s ingredients include the mass masala moments on which the movie primarily rides on, Thambi Ramaiah’s attempt at comedy, and a couple of thriller moments that make up.

Nayantara in dora
Dora Movie still

A car is haunted here and it seeks Nayan’s help for revenge. The idea seems fresh and the execution is acceptable. We see a lot of masala moments for a horror movie. The whole movie relies only on the charm of the actress.


When the story line is intact, the attempt by the director to build a side story to get into the main story is what makes the first half barely watchable.


The main story deals with a very sensible subject that if handled in a not so delicate way will only impact the movie watching experience. This is what exactly happens with Dora too. Had the sensible flashback been short of cringy scenes the movie would have scored there too?

Nayantara in dora

There are scenes which showcase Nayanthara to be a full-fledged mass hero avatar. For one she has got scenes with a lengthy monologue for no reason. She gets slo mo walks. But what actually worked for me was the scene in which she tosses a phone and catches it again.


The movie will work for Nayan’s fans and anybody else who have the unique ability to neglect clichés without much effort. It is a negligible attempt at masala drama for others.


Harish Uthaman plays an investigating cop and has done justice to his role. Although the investigation scenes might look too racy and missing the logic at times. But as mentioned earlier, when these logics and cliches are given for a toss, Dora becomes a treat.

Nayantara in dora