Vijay Sethupathi in Kavan
Vijay Sethupathi in Kavan

Kavan sets its base firmly in the middle of the Zen 1 Tv office. The story starts from there. Just like any other K.V.Anand film, the movie is dumped with lots of artists who play themselves in the movie rather than the character given to them. Most of the important characters are introduced in the very first few scenes while the credits roll.


There is a media giant playing the bad team headed by the villain who played the baddie in Ayan. Kalyan and his team are ready to do anything to retain the top position in the TRP race.


T.Rajendar on the other hand runs a small media house finding it difficult to meet his ends. We are thankful that financial difficulties of the T.R’s team are not overplayed.


Vikranth and his team are fighting against a factory that stands as a threat to the livelihood of the villagers who are in the proximity of the village. The factory is run by a politician. The politician fights back the protesters in an awkward way.


The bad team tries to mint money through this fight and the good team tries to bring the fight to justice. This could be the spoiler free one line for Kavan.


Vijay Sethupathi plays the documentary film maker who happens to land in a job at the Zen1TV Channel. He finds his ex (Madonna) there in the same team as his. We have Vikranth and his actress playing the social activists.


The entire first half is spent in multiple iterations in proving the fact that the villains channel would do anything to win the TRP race. While we grasp what is in KV’s mind in the first scene itself, KV still bombards us with a lot of happenings in the studio. There are situations where we see a bit of Shankar from (Mudhalvan and Indian) in Kavan too.


While Vijay Sethupathi does his part with much ease, there seems to be no significant characterization metted out for him. It seems like the characterization he has brought out on screen is much better than what was on the paper for him.


The other important characters too play their normal selfs which are later edited according to the need of the film. The flow actually tries to concentrate first on the business game in the show biz then it shifts gears to embedded journalism, then to the fight of the environmentalists, then to the side of the good media then sums with a not so heroic climax. The insertion of various elements for the sole purpose of commercial marketing is what seemed to have gone wrong. Some of the dialogues at times seems forced but they do get good response in the theatres.


Falling in the lines of Ko, Kavan doesn’t care about the logic of single media entity controlling the entire mindset of society altogether.


Hip Hop’s BGM tries to amp up the mood of the movie and it succeeds at times, His songs don’t go that well with the flow of the movie.