Baahubali 2 : the conclusion


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Baahubali poster featuring Baahubali

Baahubali the conclusion which follows the footsteps of the Baahubali the beginning begins from where the former one left off. The people of Magizhmathi are getting ready to crown their new king after the Kaalakeya war. Little will they expect that something grim is going to take over the spectacular royal palace. This suspense of a grim situation and the need for the hero to tackle the situation is shown right from the start. Prabhas makes a spectacular entrance and he teases us with a few of his intelligent moves that we want for more.


The conclusion has got atleast 10 times more extravagant visuals, witty stunts, impeccable frames and a lot of hard work coupled with a great vision. For one, the sequel will not disappoint you, if you are already impressed with the way the prequel was shot.

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Baahubali the conclusion

For the most part in the first half, the movie celebrates the phenomenal strength and wit of Baahubali. Devasena and Kumara Varma ( played by excellent Subbaraju) are introduced here. The stretch with Devasena and Baahubali fighting the baddies is one to look out for. The real drama unfolds once Devasena enters Magizhmathi.


Rajamouli seems to connect the happenings in this movie with another similar drama that has happened before and lets us decrypt the same. Thanks to him for not deciding to spoon feed us at critical parts in the movie. Unlike the prequel, after the movie we will have a lot to munch about and we might end up forgetting the answer for “Why Kattappa killed Baahubali ?”.

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Baahubali poster featuring Rana Daggubati

Work gone beyond sketching out the character in detail is evident with the situations that they are put in. Conversation between Devasena and Sivagami comes as a surprise and finds a place deep in our heart. The drama is so strong that it is difficult to forget the consequences easily. The layers within which this drama works really gets into our hearts.


Decisions that the characters adhere to when given a dire situation comes as a surprise even after a lot of detailing in the characterization, thanks to storytelling. Story by Vijayendra Prasad might look generic in one way or the other, but the way it is shot is what makes Baahubali stand out.

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No matter what logic goes into explaining the gravity defying stunts and the superhuman power of the protagonist, (the stunts in first part look amateurish in comparison to the conclusion) the visuals are that compelling to celebrate the movie than to analyse it. The drama part that makes us weep our heart out is more interesting than the eerie stunts that form the part of the climax.


Baahubali the conclusion, a visual spectacle that has to be celebrated also comes as an answer to the question what one brave vision could do to a brilliant director. This movie becomes easily the career best for Sabu Cyril (Art Director), Senthil Kumar (Cinematographer) and the visual effects team.( We learnt that there were atleast a 1000 working for the movie. )