Amy Jackson at cannes 2.0
Amy Jackson at Cannes

Amy Jackson who has been attending the Cannes this year opened up about her experience of working in the upcoming magnanimous 2.0. Amy Jackson who debuted in Tamil movie Madarasapattinam rose to fame and did a series of super hit movies that gained her quite a large fan base in Kollywood.


The Madarasapattinam actress is attending the festival as a part of her English movie ‘Boogie Man’. The actress said she has got a couple of dinners and film premiers as a part of the festival. Amy opened up about her plans to the paparazzi when she was attending Eva Longoria’s Global Gift Gala at Cannes. She said that this is the second time she is attending the festival and so she had come prepared.

amy jackson cannes 2.0 2
Amy Jackson taking selfie at Cannes

While talking about the movie 2.0 she said that she had spent more than two and a half years of her time for the making of the movie. She was in praise for her costar Superstar Rajinikanth. She said, “It is a huge milestone in my career to work with a superstar like Rajinikanth. Every day I have learnt so much by working with him”. She further added, “Rajni sir is so calm. And I am like this little girl in front of him. I am very fond of him and have immense respect for him because he is the greatest contribution to the Indian Cinema.”


Talking about Akshay Kumar who plays the antagonist in the movie, Amy opened up saying “he is so much fun and I have learnt the art of being disciplined from him. His character in the film is my favourite.”