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Tamil Film Producer Council headed by Vishal had requested the producers of the fraternity to register their planned release date of their films in order to prevent problems in the future. Vishal was recently elected as the head of the producer council by representating a team of producers under the name Pudhiya Mannargal.


The team took oath to stop the piracy in Tamil movies and regulating the business for Tamil movies thereby reducing the loss incurred by producers. Recently the team petitioned the Finance Minister of India to exclude the Film Industry from the Goods and Services Tax Bill that is to be passed soon throughout the country.


Vishal’s team have already arranged quite a number of guys to work on the prevention of piracy, the team has also requested help from the police department to curb piracy. With quite a number of announcemnets the team seems to be making progress in keeping up the promise that they did during the election.


The producers council decided to donate 1 Re from every ticket that is being sold in the state to the welfare of farmers. However this decision met with lots of opposition from the theatre owners and distributors as such.


The team decided to call for a state wide strike on 30th of May but later withdrew the same since it affected the business of small films. The recent step by the council is that they have requested the producers to submit their planned release date for their films if incase the movie is releasing with in January 2018. This move is expected to regularise the release of the movies in the state thereby preventing the small time producers from incurring loss.

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