oviya and Raghava Lawrence
Oviya and Raghava Lawrence

Of all the movie offers that has been raining over Oviya’s roof she seems to have handpicked horror films for her next acting schedule. The famous horror franchise of Raghava Lawrence will have Oviya as the leading female lead in their upcoming movie. The next installment in the franchise which probably would be the fourth part of Muni and the third installment of Kanchana is likely to be produced by Sun Pictures.


The director and actor of the Muni Franchise Raghava Lawrence have released a photo of him and Oviya confirming the news. The previous installments of the horror franchise were all blockbusters.


Oviya has also signed another movie with director Deekay with whom she did “Yaamiruka Bayamey”. Deekay while announcing the project also released the first look poster of the movie which has been tentatively titled “Kaatteri”. Blue Ghost pictures who produced the upcoming ‘hara hara mahadevaki’ is also producing Kaatteri. Kaatteri will be the third flick of director Deekay after ‘Kavalai Vendam’. Studio Green production is said to be coproducing the movie.


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