Lisa Ray Instagram - Yalla habibi! Hammam time. @ooroyalmirage #Dubai

Lisa Ray Instagram – Yalla habibi! Hammam time. @ooroyalmirage #Dubai

Lisa Ray Instagram - Now that I’m 50, I’ve been told to start acting my age 😜 how’s this? Aside from the challenging, varied and age agnostic Pilates routines @thepaddxb what I cherish about working out with @shaaziaq are the conversations about wellness and health. Today we covered a range of topics ranging from the regime I underwent @hippocratesinst after relapsing from Multiple Myeloma in 2012 (a few months after getting married) to how there’s a general lack of understanding about how our body functions inside and out. It triggered memories of the talks I attended during my three week stay @hippocratesinst which demystified the immune system and how after, a group of us seekers would gather over green juice and a raw food spread discussing nutrition, inflammation and all the reasons to adopt a more conscious, holistic lifestyle. When you understand the WHY, you are less resistant to the HOW. Every conversation enlightens me on how important it is to touch on these topics, to share and cultivate community that is compassionate and supports your healing. On a side note: working on the next book is challenging. Every second day the book I want to write is fiction. And then I feel called to write more about this healing adventure I’ve been on. I’ll try to keep working on both I suppose. #fletcherpilates #thisis50

Lisa Ray Instagram – Yalla habibi! Hammam time.

@ooroyalmirage #Dubai | Posted on 07/Apr/2022 23:22:51

Lisa Ray Instagram – Yalla habibi! Hammam time. 

@ooroyalmirage #Dubai
Lisa Ray Instagram – This beautiful and life affirming book is a testament to the power of poetry and art, as seen through the eyes of childhood. Speaking to my inner child while at the same time captivating my daughters’ attention is exactly the sort of story telling that finds an enduring place on my bedside table. And the imagery – oh, my heart. 
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‘You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.’
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