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Thank you Sheetal for this reminder 🙏🏼 #REPOST @beneaththesheetz with @get__repost__app �"Pack for 2 months but you may be sent home in 2 days." That was what I was told when I got asked to audition for I CAN'T THINK STRAIGHT in London. Little did I know when I did get the part, was what this film would become to so many. When I read the script, I was pulled in by this incredible tale of love and honesty. And then I met @shamimsarif and @hananfkattan, the ladies that the film was truly about and they became instant family. And then I met the incomparable @lisaraniray … and 'the rest is history.' ❤️🌈 We made this movie before gay marriage was legal, before brown was cool, and way before 'being yourself' was lauded. There was no fancy budget or intimacy coordinators. In fact, one of the investors was as slimy and as corrupt as they come. This piece of garbage not only harassed many of us, he also deliberately didn’t pay our hotel room bill so one night after a long shoot day, we came home to find ourselves locked out and our stuff removed. I even had to sneak out of London in the middle of night to catch a flight back to the US that I booked on my own as this same investor didn’t want me to leave...this same person 'lost' our sound so we had to dub THE WHOLE MOVIE. I could go on and on about the challenges with this film. But what prevailed was our spirit and passion. Many international awards and over 100 million views and countless fan videos later…this film is celebrated as one of the most iconic films featuring LGBTQ+ themes and characters in a way never seen before. 🙏🏽 Before it was hip to do so. Happy Pride, friends. Keep doing you, no matter what the world is telling you. We love and see you. 😘 @pride #happypride #lgbtq #icantthinkstraight #icts #representationmatters #actor #pride2022 #loveislove #repostios #repostw10